Boeing 747 Equipped With a High Powered Burning Laser


The American civil aircraft have once installed a high powered laser weapon on the Boeing 747, its main role is to destroy the enemy in the accelerated phase of ballistic missile. Despite the success of the test, the project was terminated. The former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said, in order to destroy the missile in a far distance, there must be a laser about 20 times stronger than now. Based on the existing methods to destroy Iran's missile,it must be launched at Iran's airspace. Moreover, in order to use the laser effectively, they still need to equip with a aircraft which worth $1 billion. It's too expensive for American.

The MTHEL Laser Cannons

Laser Pointer Blue 30000mw

Another interesting project is the United States and Israel jointly developed MTHEL laser cannons. According to the information released by the developer, the burning laser cannon reload time of about 35-40 milliseconds, that is, the transmitter almost don't need to make clear where the targets stay.

However, The Pentagon removed the project funding. In other words, the American have not yet come out of the scope of experimental research. Ivan Konovalov, director of the center for strategic situation in Russia, said that the American are surely conceal the final cost. It's impossible to launch a combat laser with a few dollars.

The Advanced Laser Weapon

The article believes that, at present, the Red Laser is not a battlefield weapon, but a advanced weapons. The United States has indicated that it has mastered the weapon that is between conventional and nuclear weapons. But because of its cost if too expensive, it lack the rationality.

The cost of the fighting laser can fall into a reasonable range. It takes 10 years to reach this stage. The battlefield can only be occupied by infantry. Laser, drones and fighter cannot accomplish this task. Some experts believe that the United States 1000mw Laser Pointer weapon is an image project, designed to show the "Star Wars" type of military technology advantage. In addition, the idea itself will provoke a new round of the global stability of the arms race. Laser weapons (even if it is only a test) in the Middle East will not lead to regional peace, and it will only make it more distant. From their own security , the American would rather give up rather than have such weapons.